G.R.1.1 – 1st practice of Geet Ramayana

I reached Sanjay Joshi kaka’s home at around 4/5 p.m. , Shri. Pankaj Shirbhate kaka ( A great Violinist in our Region and a great person who always supported me , encouraged me for my art ) and Shri. Jagdish ( Vyanktesh ) Deshmukh  Sir ( Well-known Tabla player in Nanded marathwada , who were accompanying Geet Ramayan from last 15-20 years ) were already there for practice…

After some tp talk , We started actual practice . That was my first practice of geet Ramayana when I didn’t know that much songs , I was knew only few songs which were – Swayeshree Ram Prabhu aikati , Ram Janmala , Swayanvar , Seth Bandha re etc . ..

    Sanjay Joshi kaka started singing 1St song

Swayeshree RaamPrabhu Aikati , Kush Lav Ramayan gaati…

And one by one , I was listening song and accompanying him as good as I can. The style of singing of Sanjay Joshi kaka is always very inspiring , good and kind . Deshmukh sir and Shirbhate kaka were perfect in their profession.. I was the youngest person in the team. Few songs were there which having Notation Pieces between two stanzas which were beautifully composed and arranged by Shri. Prabhakar Jog ( A great violinist , composer and one of his famous album was “Gaanara Violin  “) .. Pankaj Shirbhate kaka has already set all the pieces and I was learning from him one by one… But all of them , Shirbhate kaka , Jagdish Deshmukh sir , and Sanjay Joshi kaka extremely encouraged me to setup all the pieces and also eliminated the burden on me. I enjoyed a lot the practice and came to know why there are a lot of fans of Geet Ramayana , Sanjay Joshi kaka and specially Geet Ramayana programme of Sanjay Joshi kaka…

It was honour for me to become a member of such a great team of great people…


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