1st Audition


Date – near 17 September 2013…
I knew that Youth Festival auditions will be held within few days. I remember that when I was in my 1st year , there was notice of Youth Festival after 17th September . I was waiting for notice and then as expected that day came when there was a notice related Youth Festival audition posted on Wall magazine. Me and my few friends enrolled our names to honorable Dr. Govind Hambarde sir for the events in which we were interested.
The day of audition came. There was a Person who were given the responsibility of selecting and managing all students. In short he was our Team manager. Later I got to know that the name of that person is Mr. Bharat Jethwani ( later you will get to know detail about him ) .
Around 4.30 pm , our auditions begun. I brought my sitar for audition. Many students ( unknown names at that time ) performed various performances what exactly remember is Bhargav presented poem , kiran presented speech , Balaji gave his performance in acting , vinay & Akshay in dance , Apurva , me , and few of participants in singing , all performed well  and everyone was good at their talent.  I played sitar and Swaresh played tabla and others gave their performance . Then at around 6.30-7 p.m. auditions finished and we ( me and swaresh ) came to home.
After gap of one day , all of us ( participants and bharat sir ) gathered and results were out and we came to know that who is selected for which event. After that we started practice of various events that we’ll see in my next post…

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